Top 10 Muslim Women Bloggers – You Have to Subscribe

The brightest and most stylish girls in the Arab world are worth borrowing ideas for your closet.

There are still many stereotypes about the style of Arab girls. Many think Muslim women dress exclusively in maxi dresses and rarely experiment with trends. It’s pretty different: Arabian fashion is not just behind but also far behind the European industry, which has recently become more restrained and less risky. Asian girls shoot makeup tutorials on YouTube, are in the front rows of fashion shows, and fashion brands hurry to hand them new items from the collections because they know that Arab girls are sure to compose non-banal outfits with them. We show you the ten most stylish and unusual bloggers you must follow to be at the forefront of fashion.

Lina is one of the most famous Muslim bloggers we recommend you take a special look at. The Canadian of Palestinian descent has lived in the UAE for most of her life. And before Lina started developing her social media, she worked as a graphic designer and as an art director in the office of Her Highness Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Later, she realized that her passion, fashion, could simultaneously become a way of life and a job. Together with her brother, she launched the streetwear brand Stacks, perfectly capturing her style. Her closet is full of the latest new products, on-trend accessories, and colorful pieces that she mixes in unusual ways. Lina loves masculine oversized pieces while putting together fabulous and stylish outfits you want to replicate.

Sally’s blog will be appreciated by aesthetes and lovers of creativity. Born in Palestine, she moved to the United States where she attended college in Florida. Fragile and sophisticated, Sally adores romantic outfits and draws inspiration from pastoral style. In her everyday life, Sally wears turtlenecks, pencil skirts and light and elegant button-down dresses. She has found the perfect balance between modesty and style and at the same time shows how to integrate scarves into everyday looks – these techniques will be useful not only to Muslim women.

There are many stereotypes circling around Arab fashion – they say that Muslim women mostly wear long hoodies, completely hiding their figure, and ignore trends. However, Marwa proves that all these are outdated clichés. And she dresses in latex pants, men’s shoulder jackets with decorations and paints her lips with bright scarlet lipstick. Her love of modest fashion was instilled in her by her Irish mother, who was going to be a nun, but met Marwa’s father and converted to Islam. It was her mother who instilled in her a love of feminine outfits. “I don’t follow trends closely, but if there’s something in particular that I like, I’ll add it to my closet,” Marva told me. – I don’t think all trends fit everyone. For example, biker shorts are not for the modest fashionista. You can try to wear them discreetly, but it doesn’t make any sense.

In addition to Instagram, Shahd also conquered the second major platform, YouTube. This is where her journey began: she filmed lessons on makeup and hairstyles, and shared the details of her life with her subscribers. Gradually she gathered a large community (more than 300,000 subscribers) and at the same time developed an Instagram page, where she regularly posts unusual sports-chic outfits that go well with the hijab.

The most fashionable sisters in the Arab world are Suzanne and Nesma Qadri. The girls regularly post examples of harmonious and stylish looks on their shared page. They wear sporty oversize clothes, street fashion trends, feminine dresses and skirts – all trends and styles look organic on them. Another undeniable plus of the account is that the girls masterfully own accessories and know how to put accents in a laconic image to make it look bright and unusual.

Fans of short and straightforward instructions on everyday closet are advised to subscribe to Aya Barkawi. The girl is great with layering and perfectly mixes natural shades, adding bright accents. In addition, Aya has launched her own brand of concise, modest and stylish clothes Aya Barqawi, fully reflecting her own concepts of fashion.

Imane is the ultimate minimalist in the Arab world. Bordeaux, brown, milky, black, khaki and powder – if you adore understated and concise shades and want to put together a diverse closet, look no further than Asri’s ideas.

Maria Alia Al-Sadeq worked as a creative consultant, so she knows the fashion industry from inside. The girl has managed to cooperate with a number of major brands: from Marc Jacobs, Tiffany & Co. to Nike and Farfetch. Maria lives in New York City and easily competes in terms of style with American bloggers. Her closet is full of current trends, which she skillfully integrates into basic looks. The girl wears leather coats, oversized sweatshirts, knit suits and colorful dresses and will be your guide to the hottest trends. 

For a dose of color and unusual combinations of ornaments, go to Noor’s Instagram. The girl easily mixes yellow with orange, red with fuchsia, not forgetting about trendy prints and geometric colors. Noor also loves tight clothes, once again breaking the stereotype that Muslim women avoid bold, tight outfits.

Samia is a shining example that Arab fashion is far more than just femininity, sophistication and elegance. The fashion blogger loves oversized sweatshirts, sweatshirts, men’s shirts, sports pants and has a large collection of sneakers. With a basic set of things, she creates a variety of outfits for every day that look fashionable and relevant.

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